You can access a map of the campus grounds by clicking here.

Building Access

All campus buildings are ramp accessible, and the museum has multiple entrances to accommodate visitors with disabilities. To use the front door on the N. Jefferson Ave entrance, pull into the gravel driveway to access the ramp to the front door on the north side of the porch. Please note that in order to see the rest of the interior of the main museum building, you will have to go down three steps from this front door entrance. To view the rest of the interior, there is an accessible entrance near the porch ramp.

Things to Note

When visiting the museum for a drop-in tour, please note the following:

  • All tours are guided by a staff member, usually taking one to two hours
  • Outside of the main building, only 2 stops on the full tour are air conditioned
  • Some period-specific buildings are not well lit