National History Day

Regional Greater Baton Rouge Fair 2021 Rankings

Thank you to all of our participants and volunteers for working to make (digital) 2021 National History Day happen! Rankings are divided below.

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What is National History Day?

National History Day is an academic national history fair that allows middle and high school students to develop papers, documentaries, exhibitions, performances, and websites for participation in regional, state, and national contests. Every year, millions of students present their unique research and gain valuable educational and personal experience. Winners of the State Fair travel to Washington D.C. for the National Competition. 

Every year, projects fall under the National History Day theme, it changes from year to year. The theme works as a series of guidelines to help students narrow down the scope of their projects. However, it is general enough to allow students to pick from a wide range of possible topics. 

Regional Host

The West Baton Rouge Museum is host to the Baton Rouge Area Regional competition. Students from 12 Parishes are invited to create and present projects in 1 of 5 categories. 

  • Exhibit
  • Research Paper
  • Documentary 
  • Website
  • Performance

Winners in each category will advance to the Louisiana State History Day Competition at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans. Winners from the state competition will have the opportunity to compete in the National History Day Competition in Washington D.C. 


What is National History Day?
How to do Historical Research?
Annotated Bibliography and Process Paper
Categories and Sample Projects
Project and Presentation

To sign up or to find out more information click here.

Important Dates and Information

  • Regional Greater Baton Rouge Fair date to be announced soon!
  • Louisiana State Fair: April 9, 2022
  • National Fair: TBD
  • Theme: Communication in History: The Key to Understanding
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